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WellGate Real Estate Services


Pick-Up Services  


We will pick you up from the airport and take you to your the hotel.



0-Risk Policy

Purchasing Process

The final steps of your purchase will be under the control of assured experts to see if there is an issue.


Safe Money Transfer

WellGate Finance will guide you to how much, for what, and how to pay to which account.



Project Tours

Project tours in the most beautiful places and the best-branded projects, accompanied by our investment experts.


 After-Sale Services

Our after-sales team is ready for you if you need any maintenance or repair related to your flat.


Legal Services

Real estate investments you will make are in a 5-year warranty. In the case that a faulty component or component isn’t repaired or replaced during the warranty period, WellGate attorneys are involved. This situation can occur, but quite rarely.


Utility Management

Your bills for dues, utilities, and natural gas will be under the control of our after-sales team.


OIP (Online Investment Program)

1- Book a free consultant and share your expectations. 

2- With WellGate’s online special investment team, make online project tours and choose your investment. 

3- Give power of attorney to the nearest Turkish Embassy. 

4- WellGate Finance will guide and safeguard all processes by transferring cash to the developer account. 

 5- Send us all the documents which are required. ( please ask your WellGate Consultant for updated documents) 

 6- WellGate’s lawyers have already begun your citizenship process, we will inform you of every step, and your Turkish passport will be ready two or three months later.

“We sell online only for Investing or Turkish Citizenship program purposes only.”

Project Tours with Pick Up Service

Before you come here,

1- Book and share your expectations with a free consultant

2- Before you get here, we will schedule your personalized tour plan according to how many days you will be in Turkey.

3- Share your plane tickets with us or your hotel address for our pick-up service.

4- Collect required documents (optional), or you can do that soon after getting your title deed. ( Step 10)

 When you were in Turkey,

5- Visiting and exploring projects and finding the right property for you.

6- Beginning the purchase process; we will reserve the property and stabilize the price from $1,000 to $5,000 with a small sum.

7-We are going to get a tax number and open you a new bank account.

8- WellGate’s lawyer will take the attorney’s power from you to get your title deed and make your application for citizenship if necessary. In all the steps, Swore Translator will assist you.

When you are in Turkey or outside of Turkey

9- Money transfers can be made when you are in Turkey or outside of  Turkey. The transfer of money has to be under the name of the customer and only directly to the formal developer’s account. WellGate’s Finance team will direct you and safeguard the entire process.

10- Under your signature, we will take the title deed and start the Turkish citizenship process.

Your Turkish Passport will be ready in 60 days to visit 115 countries visa-free.

Please check our the Turkish Citizenship page.

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