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Q: Should I buy one property above 400,000 USD, or can it be multiple?

A: You can buy many properties that have a total value of over USD 400,000. You need to apply for everything at the same time. If the declared values are over 400,000 USD, the Tapu office accepts citizenship applications.

Q: If I buy a property under construction that I haven’t got a title deed in my name. May I apply for Turkish citizenship?

A: Yes, Notarized Property Purchasing Commitment is also approved by the state. If the payment is over USD 400,000, you may apply for citizenship with a Notarized Property Purchase Commitment.

Q:  I buy a property with installments. May I get Turkish citizenship?

A: Yes, if you have a Notarized Property Purchase Commitment and have paid payments through the bank after 19.09.2018, and if the cumulative payments are over USD 400,000, you can apply for Turkish citizenship·        

Q: I bought a property in Turkey previously. May I apply for citizenship now?

A: Applications for title deeds (at the Tapu Office) after 19.09.2018 can obtain Turkish citizenship via investment. For instance, you bought a property, but you still have not registered Title Deed on your behalf, and you continue to pay installments. For your citizenship application, every payment after 19 September 2018 counts.

Q: May I buy commercial properties with rental income and get Turkish citizenship by investment?

A: Yes, any property you buy takes into account.

Required documents that we want from you.

–  Biometric Photo

–  Valid passport (for an online investment program translation can be done at the Turkish Embassy )

–  Birth certificate

–  Documents proving your relationships with your spouse and children (Marriage Certificate, Divorce certificate, Birth certificate for children)

*Original and Notarized Turkish translations of these documents

Required documents that Wellgate’s lawyers will handle for you.

·       Application Form

·       Expert report on behalf of buyer name

·       Bank receipt showing payment of minimum 250.000 USD

·       Title deed or Notarized property purchase commitment

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